Friday, 4 March 2016

5 Things We Learned Becoming Airbnb Hosts

One month ago we started hosting guests in our upstairs apartment on Airbnb.

We already had an extra bed and TV, so all we’d need would be a couch and maybe a table.  We thought it would be an easy way to bring in some income while we finished renovations.  

For anyone thinking of renting out a space, here’s what we wished we’d known before we started:

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Real Estate Is Exhausting

Almost three months ago, I asked the question: "Is Family Worth $400,000?"

After a hours of discussions and spreadsheet preparation, today I can say that the answer for us is "absolutely".

We will be moving into our new super expensive house in less than two weeks.  This will be a huge change for our family and our impeccably sculpted affordable suburban lifestyle.

How affordable was our home?

Of all the houses for sale in Ottawa, ours was chosen by CTV News to represent our city in its House of the Month - First Time Buyers Edition.  As always, it's a fun chance to see how far your money goes across this country of ours.  To see your own house in the mix was a pretty sweet surprise!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Is Family Worth $400,000?

I'm a huge fan of living within your means. We try to live on half of a single income. We're always looking for ways to make better use of our money. In the last six months, we sold a second car, I gave up my cell phone plan, and we cut our electricity bills in half.

On the other hand, we also decided to increase our entertainment budget for the year, so that we could participate in more events with friends and family.

Now, we're considering spending another $400,000 to be closer to the people we love. How does that happen?

Friday, 10 April 2015

Living on a Budget: March Edition

Many people avoid budgets because they don't want to feel restricted or because they haven't been able to stick to their budget in the past.

Our budget is our roadmap to meet our financial goals. If we follow our budget, I can stay home with our Little Miss, we will have money set aside for emergencies, and we'll be completely debt free in our mid thirties. For us that means mortgage free too.  (Yes, we've decided to pay off our mortgage early.)

The budget has evolved over time to reflect our goals and priorities and it will keep evolving as we do.

That might sound a little too theoretical for you. So we decided to over-share and post our monthly expenses compared to our budget.