Thursday, 23 March 2017

Use Toothpaste to Remove Cell Phone Screen Scratches?

So, I knew that I'd be opening a can of worms when I started posting videos to YouTube.  One of the unforeseen consequences has been watching a lot of videos and getting crazy ideas that I would never come up with on my own.

Case in point: smearing toothpaste on my cell phone to get rid of scratches.

Yes, I did actually try to fix scratches on my cell phone by using toothpaste.

There's video proof. (below)

Friday, 10 March 2017

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (Queen) with Elastic all the Way Around

The last time I folded a fitted sheet in front of someone I heard "Wow!  Right there!  What was that trick?"  So, I decided to make another video!

Folding fitted sheets was a mystery for me once too.  I learned how to fold a fitted sheet on the internet.  I did a lot of searching and came across a lot of videos with barely elasticized twin sheets.  They weren't very helpful with my extra deep fully elasticized fitted sheets.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Fjallaven Kanken Maxi Backpack

Today I received my new Fjallraven Kanken Maxi Backpack in the mail and I'm super excited!

I had been looking for a new bag for a couple of months.  My old backpack was about 15 years old and was shedding the waterproofing on everything I put in there so I was reluctant to actually use it when I needed it.

I also needed a new piece of luggage.  We've been doing more bus and train travel since we decided to try to go car free back in December.  Having a hands free, subway turnstile friendly, easy to carry piece of luggage has become infinitely more important to us!

Friday, 4 March 2016

5 Things We Learned Becoming Airbnb Hosts

One month ago we started hosting guests in our upstairs apartment on Airbnb.

We already had an extra bed and TV, so all we’d need would be a couch and maybe a table.  We thought it would be an easy way to bring in some income while we finished renovations.  

For anyone thinking of renting out a space, here’s what we wished we’d known before we started: