Monday, 1 December 2014

How To Cut Your Own Hair

It's pretty standard for frugal guys to buzz their own hair.  A set of hair clippers can be as cheap as just one haircut.

I've noticed something recently.  I'll read an article about cutting your hair at home and then there will be a qualification that obviously this doesn't apply to women.

Cheap ladies listen up.  You CAN cut your own hair.  It's stupid easy.  {Tweet This}

My hair is fine and thin and frizzy.  Usually the stylist would try to add layers for volume and I'd end up with wispy hair at the bottom and split ends everywhere.  So, I took a gamble and just started cutting it myself.
It was easier than going to the salon, cheaper than going to the salon, and was a giddy sleepover kind of fun.  So I kept doing it.

This morning I decided that I needed a trim and decided to do a photo essay for you of the process.


So this is what my hair looks like when I first wake up in the morning.  I clipped it up to show how I would usually wear my hair when it decides to be curly.

I usually do wear my hair up and my hair is pretty wild, so I don't need to worry about precision.

I brushed all my hair forward.  Brushed out curls look awesome don't they?  I can't believe I'm putting that photo on the internet.  Any ways, the photo is supposed to show the "shape" of this cut in the front.  It makes layers around my face starting between my nose/chin.

How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home

Step 1: Decide Where To Cut

Because my hair has some... personality... I cut it dry.  If I cut it wet, I'm bound to have one or two surprises when my hair dries.

But, scissors seem to cut wet hair much easier.  So, try both?

Brush your hair forward and give yourself a unicorn ponytail right in the middle of your forehead at your hairline.

Measure where you want to cut.  If you want layers to frame your face starting around the nose mark, don't chop off your hair at your nose.  You'll end up with layers starting around your eyebrows.  Instead, move your hair to the side and hold it where it's level with your nose.

The length you need to get layers starting around your nose will probably mean cutting around your mouth.

The point is to mark how long you want your layers to be in the spot you want them to be.  Don't worry, it will work with shorter layers or longer layers too.

If you're trying this for the first time, err on the side of longer.  You can always cut more off.

Step 2: Snip, Snip!

Pull your hair straight down.  Using any pair of sharp scissors, cut straight across where you marked.

I use the pair of scissors that came with our clipper set and they're pretty dull.  You might notice that my hair was cut on a bit of an angle, because the dull scissors kept pushing the hair further away instead of cutting it.  (Sharp scissors are on my Christmas Wish List)

I limit myself to one "fix cut" per haircut.  In this case I used my oops cut to snip off the longer end and straighten things out.  Done.

Want to see what happens when you keep cutting?  Check out this recent post by The Non-Consumer Advocate.  For what it's worth, I think her new hair cut looks super cute.

Step 3: Shake it Out

Pull out your elastic, and shake your hair out.


I pulled up my hair so you can see the layers in the front.  Just where I wanted them! 

Since I've brushed out the curls, I would usually end up putting my hair up in a pony tail or bun.  But, I wanted to show you the end result of the cut.  So, here's what my hair looks like down. 

You would need to have really long hair for this cut to take off any length.  If I need to trim the back more too, I just do a ponytail on the back of my head at the base of my skull and cut off however much length I want.  Easy.

Who Shouldn't Try This At Home

Now I'm no super model, so loping off my own hair works just fine for me.

Some of you reading this have may have a fantastic relationship with your hairdresser.  They can cut your hair like no other and you won't let anyone else touch your hair because you're super particular about the finished product.

If you've found that special hair someone and don't want to mess with perfection, I totally support you and am completely jealous.

... It also might not be a good idea to take on the risk of cutting your own hair if you earn a living from your appearance...  But you probably wouldn't be reading about home hair cuts if that was the case...


It's super easy to cut your hair at home and learning how to do it can save you lots of money (we know I like to stay on budget).  Moving the pony tail around will change the haircut completely, so there are lots of hair styles you can try without having to learn more advanced techniques.  Give it a shot, then tell me how it goes!

What About You?

Did you think it would be harder to cut your own hair?

Have you ever cut your hair yourself?

Have you tried this haircut too?  Can I see pictures?

Do you have any tips to save on professional haircuts, you know, in case of a disastrous attempt?

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