Thursday, 26 February 2015

It was a Good Day (Plus "Pasta Primavera" Recipe)

I had a pretty interesting day this week. It was a day that I was a little nervous about. I was pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and I really wasn't sure how things would go. As it turns out, it was a good day. It was a very good day.

I Babysat. A Baby.

Because I stay at home with the Little Miss, sometimes I get the opportunity to help out friends on weekdays. Last week I agreed to watch a friend's baby for the day so she could get some work done.

We are planning on only having one kid. So the prospect of taking care of two at once is kind of daunting for me. But I did it and I'm so glad I did.

The Little Miss was a great helper and could put an instant smile on the little guy's face. The little guy was a trooper only getting a little fussy around meal times. He even took a bottle from me in our rocking chair, which I'd been warned he probably wouldn't do. Together we all made it through the day with smiles on our faces.

Taking care of a baby for a day brought back a lot of really sweet memories from when the Little Miss was just a baby. It doesn't change our plans to stick with one, but it's good to know that the Little Miss and I CAN manage a baby around here in case another friend needs a favour.

I Put the Blog Out There

When I hit publish on my Monday post about our vanilla financial plan, I had a knot in my stomach. As I was writing, it felt good. But once I hit published I wondered how it would go over. I wondered if I had actually captured the right sentiment. I worried that I'd offend people planning to retire early who I really admire and can relate to in so many ways.

But, even though I worried, I hoped that it was good. So, on Monday I submitted the story to Rockstar Finance (yes, you can do that).

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this Tweet that sums up the day pretty nicely:

I was really glad that I had two little ones to take care of, otherwise I would have wasted my day away watching as the number of readers went up and up and up!

I've submitted articles to Rockstar Finance before, but none had ever been picked.  I felt pretty vulnerable putting the story out there, but I'm certainly glad I took the risk!

How Does a Simple Cheap Mom Celebrate a Good Day?

Simple Cheap Dad asked how one would celebrate such a day. My response was "champagne and sleep of course!"

It was also "Leftover Night" and we had no leftovers left, so the idea of getting take-out for dinner for the first time in 2015 occurred to both of us as a passing novelty.

But the cheap and simple in us was able to negotiate a compromise.

For supper we used what was left after almost of month of focusing on eating down our pantry and freezer to come up with a new meal. Introducing....

If you ever look at a recipe I post and think to yourself, "is that just," you're probably right.

The Simple & Cheap "Pasta Primavera" Recipe (yes, those are quotes)

Boil up whatever's left in any open bags of pasta.

Chop up some frozen veggies.  (I nuked ours in a bowl with a little water to soften them up.)

Dump pasta in a strainer.

Add some olive oil to the pot and heat up the veggies.

Add the pasta back in and stir everything around until it's all mixed up and a little coated. 

Shake on some salt and pepper...

I think that's it.  We served this with some cheesy garlic bread.  For a hilariously cheap meal it turned out pretty good!  I would use the Internet for an actual pasta primavera recipe.

Cheap & Simple Champagne and Sleep

Champagne turned into splitting a bottle of red wine with the Mr. that we got as a gift for Christmas. Sleep turned into staying up late responding to all of the really awesome and thoughtful and inspiring comments that everyone took so much care to leave, while I was a little wine tipsy.


So there it is, I thought I would share my good day with you all because you all played such a big part in it. I took a couple risks, felt a little uncomfortable, and am pretty ecstatic about the result!

Thank you to everyone who answered the post's call and started talking (over 80 comments so far, seriously?!). Thank you to all of the awesome new friends who have been supportive all along (this is my 50th post, how did that happen?). Thank you to J$ and Rockstar Finance for picking my post to feature and for giving us new blogs a shot.

I'm looking forward to sharing more here, reading more on all of the awesome personal finance sites I've found, and look forward to getting to know all of your stories in the months and years to come.

What About You?

Have you had a good day lately?

Have you had an interesting "making do" meal lately?

Could you tell I was getting a little buzzed in the comments?