Friday, 10 March 2017

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (Queen) with Elastic all the Way Around

The last time I folded a fitted sheet in front of someone I heard "Wow!  Right there!  What was that trick?"  So, I decided to make another video!

Folding fitted sheets was a mystery for me once too.  I learned how to fold a fitted sheet on the internet.  I did a lot of searching and came across a lot of videos with barely elasticized twin sheets.  They weren't very helpful with my extra deep fully elasticized fitted sheets.
There is really only one tricky concept to get, then you'll have nicely folded sheets.  Not wadded.  Not balled up.  Not shoved into the closet.  Folded.

Having neatly stacked linens gave our Airbnb a touch of class.  Not being afraid of being buried alive when I opened our linen closet was also a plus.  Before we decluttered that is.

Here's the video!

I've got a request already to show how I fold the flat sheet to match, so I'll likely be posting another video below in a few weeks.

Thanks for watching!

Do you fold your fitted sheets like this?

Are you enjoying the videos?

Is there a video you want me to make?

Edit: I was going to say "after more pestering", but I'm actually excited that someone made a suggestion for a video. So, here's the video for how to fold your flat sheets by yourself to match your fitted sheets.

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